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How your travel advisor can help you make the most of your vacation

With daily life full of much more chaos than you’re used to, the last thing you want is a stressful vacation. That’s your time to relax, take things slow and enjoy yourself. But travel is more complicated than ever too. You can’t just grab your passport and hop on a plane like you used to. There are a lot of protocols to comply with and a great trip takes a lot of advance planning. Lucky for you, you have a great travel advisor.

Your advisor is there to help you make the most of your vacation. While that means making sure any health declarations are filled out and test results and/or proof of vaccination are uploaded and any flight changes are triple-checked, the protocols don’t end when you step off the plane. Different countries have different requirements for entering public indoor spaces such as museums and restaurants. Navigating all that on your own can be stressful, to say the least. That’s why you hire a travel advisor to help.

Your advisor can do so much more to get the most value out of your time. Private tours, a great way to learn the secrets of a place and go behind the scenes even before the pandemic, are at a premium now when access and personal space are so important. So is having a dinner reservation at that spot you’ve been reading about. So is getting a room with a great view in a great location — and maybe getting upgraded to an even bigger room with an even better view. And having a credit to use at the spa on that massage you’ve been dreaming of for months. Or a private jet so you don’t have to worry about schedule changes, for that matter.

Planning a multi-country itinerary can be a real chore these days with different rules coming into play when you cross borders, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a deep dive into one destination. Your travel advisor can work with trusted partners on the ground who know the country intimately — down to what’s open on a particular day — and can help you immerse yourself. There are so many out of the way places you might never have heard of and can’t find on the internet that can give you a real sense of the place and what life is like as a local.

That’s the beauty of travel. You get to do things you don’t do at home and have experiences that open your eyes to other ways of living. You get the full spectrum of the world outside your quotidian routine. Your vacation means even more than it did before, and you need a break more than ever before. Take advantage of all the ways your travel advisor can enhance the experience and make you a VIP everywhere you go. That way you’ll come back feeling like you’ve been on vacation rather than through the ringer.


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