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Navigating air travel so you can enjoy the journey

You may have seen the scenes of hectic airports this summer, either on TV, online or witnessed them in person. People are traveling in record numbers and airports and airlines don’t have enough staffing to keep things running smoothly all the time. This had led to canceled flights and lost bags. It’s especially noticeable at major hubs where flights and travelers are coming from and going to all parts of the world.

We do our best to make travel as easy as possible for our clients, but we are not magicians. What we can do, however, is give you some tips to help navigate air travel these days. First, of course, is to give yourself plenty of time if you’re passing through an airport to catch a connecting flight. When we book air for our clients, we typically try to leave at least 2 hours of connection time. This is usually enough to cover you if your first flight is late, if you have to change terminals, etc. On international flights you might have to pass through passport control or even go to baggage claim, grab your bags, take them with you to customs and recheck them. Depending on the airport, you might have to take a tram or a bus from one terminal to another.

Those examples are just from normal times. These days you might want to give yourself even more time. We understand that you don’t always have much of a choice when your flight gets canceled and you are presented with only one option. If you do have a longer wait, access to airline lounges can make it a lot more comfortable. If you’re flying business or first class internationally, you most likely have lounge access with your ticket. You might also be eligible if you have a certain status with your airline. Depending on your credit card, you might also have access to an increasing number of lounges the credit card companies have at major airports. There are also third-party membership services you can subscribe to, or services that sell one-time passes (if available).

There can be a pang of worry when you hand your bags over, wondering if they’ll be waiting for you when you land. Right now, thanks to staffing shortages and schedule rearrangement, more bags than usual go missing. We always recommend you take some clothes with you in your carry-on and that you have travel insurance that covers baggage loss or delay with an allowance for new clothes and toiletries. You can also buy air tags or tile trackers. They’re bluetooth or ultra wideband devices that stick onto your luggage. You pair them to your smartphone or tablet and can track them wherever they end up. On some occasions, travelers have been able to locate their bags when the airline couldn’t.

We always strive to make your journey as smooth as possible. We take great care in crafting your itineraries so that from the moment you arrive in your destination everything is seamless and you have an enjoyable, relaxing experience. With these tips, we hope getting there will be easier too.


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