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Amanda Klimak

Amanda is a travel visionary who believes there are a few things in life that will impact you as much as traveling. Whether she’s in a sidecar of a WWII motorcycle on the streets of Shanghai or swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands or galloping on horseback across the plains of Keyna with a herd of wild giraffe and zebra, she’s come back changed. As the President and Co-Owner of Largay Travel, she shares this philosophy with her team of travel advisors empowering them to create unbelievable travel experiences for clients. With 30 plus years in the travel industry, Amanda draws from her wealth of knowledge and creativity to be an industry innovator. She created a Growing Together Webinar Series for travel advisors and suppliers to enhance their personal and professional growth. She is a speaker at travel conferences around the world, active on Advisory Boards of the top luxury travel companies including Virtuoso, building a community of advisors, clients and travel providers and still finds time to hike with her kids and dance in the kitchen with her husband.

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