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The Road to a Better Life

Starts with a Better Map

Welcome to Please Go Away Life-

Where travelers live in a constant state of anticipation

Please Go Away Life is a program which combines the fun and informative, Virtuoso Wanderlist Planning Platform and the expertise and insight of a Please Go Away Specialist. 

Step One: 

The program begins with each traveler and travel circle / family logging into the Wanderlist platform with their own personal login. We ask that you do this apart from your loved ones and when you have time to sit and dream about the world and where you would like to explore. Take off your responsibility hat and list those places and experiences that you have always dreamed about visiting. Because, all wonderful things begin with a dream. Once you and your travel companions have completed your curation, your Wanderlist Certified Advisor will set up a meeting.  The primary travelers in the circle should be included in this meeting AND if everyone in the group wants to attend, that’s great. Meetings can be in person, on the phone and conference calls or by video chat, which is always fun. 


Step Two: 

During this meeting, your specialist will review the results, reconfirm your milestone dates, review dates you can’t travel and make some suggestions for possible trips. Our goal by the end of the first meeting is to agree on the next 3 to 5 possible trips to put into your first travel portfolio. Don’t worry…..these trips are simply speculative and are so we can start building your travel wish list. Your Wanderlist Specialist will then create your travel portfolio, with your results, a life calendar, your already planned and dream trips, and other great information. The Wanderlist system is also available to you 24/7 for you to continue dreaming from your smartphone, computer or tablet with fun videos, information, unique experiences and more. 

Step Three: 

Your Wanderlist Specialist will then create your custom travel portfolio, which will evolve and change as life does. The best part of all is that your Wanderlist Specialist is now empowered to be YOUR Personal Travel Shopper looking for special pricing, great rates of exchange and special events in the destinations you are interested in.


They combine trips and get special access, so you can protect your most valuable non-renewable asset……your free time with loved ones and yourself. Your Specialist is available to you for up to 4 meetings per year to update your plan.  

What your Wanderlist program includes:

*   Use of the Wanderlist platform
*   Up to 4 one hour meetings with your Wanderlist Specialist

*   A personal Wanderlist Travel Portfolio 
*   An annual subscription to Virtuoso Life Magazine for two households
*   Virtuoso benefits and amenities
*   Unlimited discussions with your loved ones about your journeys and experiences

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